Tent 1: Forest Cump

This Tent 1 is called “Forest Cump”, partially because it is placed right in the middle of a forest on the side of a mountain and because you can do your own thing! It is very private place, yet it is just a short walk to the driveway. There are no other tents or houses that you can see around you. This is just for you, your friends and family. The Tent itself is a large luxury Tent that has four beds.

The Tent sits on a deck with rounded terrace where you can sit and watch the forest grow. Take your time. No rush. Forest takes a long time to grow. Take your mind from the hustle and fast-moving city life, take time for yourself.

Off the deck there is a large picnic area with fire pit and log benches. You try to get into the hummock, which can be a challenge, if you are out of practice.

The toilet and the shower cabin, are behind the Tent in the woods. The toilet is called “Poo-Pee” toilet, because of its eco-friendly design.  The shower is an outdoor shower.

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